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Neufchâtel is a soft cows curd cheese, high in moisture and acidity. The shaped curds can then be rolled in dried herbs, spices, nuts and dried fruit of our choice.

A simple and delicious introduction into cheese making.



 4 litres un homogenised milk

300ml cream

2 grains Flora Dancia Freeze dry cheese culture (or 2 teaspoons of keffir)

1.2 ml rennet ( calf or vegetable)

Flaky salt

Dried herbs, flowers, nuts or spices of your liking to coat the cheese



Sterilise all equipment by submerging it into a pot of boiling water for 1 minute.

In a medium pot over a low heat, bring the milk and cream to 27-28 degrees. Turn off the heat and add the culture to the milk and stir to incorporate. Cover the pot and allow the cultures to ‘ripen’ for 30 minutes.

Drip the rennet into the milk and stir to incorporate. The rennet will begin to coagulate the milk as soon as it touches the milk so only a few stirs is necessary. Place your pot in a position where is can sit undisturbed over night. Remove the spoon, cover and leave to set.

The next day, scoop the set curd into a strainer or cheese hoop lined with a cheese cloth or towel. Make sure this is set over a bowl or tray to catch whey that will drain from the curd.

Place in the fridge and allow to drain over night. If you prefer a firmer cheese you may like to drain the cheese for two nights.

The next day place the drained curd into a bowl and season to taste with salt. Shape the cheese into cylinder shape to the size of your liking and roll in the dried herbs and spices to coat.

This cheese will last for two weeks in the refrigerator.

Enjoy your cheese!

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