Vegetables Taking Centre Stage With Barrett's Potato Skin Dessert

In an era of all things vegetarianism, vegan and everything plant based in between, Alice Zaslavsky of The Age compiled an article on the rise of notable chefs cooking with vegetables in innovative ways.

She recognised our executive chefs, Matt Stone and Jo Barrett, for the pair’s “kitchen garden-driven menu”, with special mention of Barrett’s delectable potato, chocolate, coffee and orange desert for creatively using the off-cut potato skins to prevent wastage, resulting in a unique savoury-but-sweet dish.

Come about from Barrett and Stone’s ‘no-waste philosophy’, the potato, chocolate, coffee, orange dish was created to prevent unnecessary kitchen waste.

“I used to look at all the [potato] peels that ended up in the compost, and one day thought I’d give them a go in a dessert,” Jo says of her creation.

Root to stem is what you’ll find in many of their dishes, adding depth and dimension.

Read the full article here.

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