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Food, nutrition and eating are the most basic elements of life. Eat well and you live well. Cook creatively and life becomes more interesting and enjoyable. Consider the provenance of your food and live a more sustainable life. These ideas are central to Matt Stone’s food philosophy, cooking and now first book The Natural Cook. With a philosophy akin to Rene Redzepi and Kylie Kwong, Stone is a bright young chef producing beautiful food with a cause – changing our food system for the better.

Above all, I hope this book provokes thought.

Many people love the idea of sustainability, but put waste reduction in the too hard basket. The Natural Cook challenges that. It cuts through the marketing and hype and breaks down the steps towards no‐waste cooking in a revolutionary way.

Too often berries go off in the fridge before we get round to eating them. They cost far too much to waste or compost, so I made this recipe to avoid that situation. A fermented berry puree makes a great drink with a big splash of sparkling wine or soda water or both.

Stone takes inspiration from many traditional cooking techniques. Fermenting and pickling are on trend but have been used for health benefits and preservation for centuries – as have making dairy products, milling flour and rolling oats. He also believes wholeheartedly that we must move forward from the gimmicky ‘bush tucker’ movement and embrace these amazing ingredients in a natural way. This book includes many recipes where native Australian herbs, spices and fruits are shown as the perfect addition to a dish.

The Natural Cook is about making food with maximum taste and zero waste. So try your hand at fermented chilli paste, smoky eggplant dip or a beef soup with greens and mushrooms. This is where food for thought expands into new territory…

MATT STONE is the wunderkind of the Australian food industry. By 22, Matt was head chef of Joost Bakker’s eco‐restaurant Greenhouse in Perth, when he also went to head Iron Chef with Neil Perry. In 2011 he was awarded Gourmet
Traveller’s Best New Talent award and West Australia’s Good Food Guide’s Best Young Chef. Now head chef of Oakridge winery in Victoria, Matt is also the co‐star of the National Geographic food show Recipes that Rock with Blur bass guitarist Alex James and is a regular on the top‐rating TV show MasterChef.

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